I am definitely the type of person that can’t resist a good bargain. Personally, I believe the best part about cosplay is scrounging up different clothes and mixing them together to make something unique and great! Today I challenged myself and drove to my local thrift shop to spend 10 mins and $10 dollars to see what I cosplay I could come up with.


Come on this $10 dollar cosplay journey with me!


**Video Spoiler**

Bulma fromĀ Dragon Ball Z

Definitely had to improvise a little bit but the end result turned out pretty great! Here is what I ended up getting:

The signature Bulma look includes –

  • Pink dress
  • Brown belt
  • Purple scarf and socks
  • Red bow
  • Brown glove
  • Blue shoes


What I ended up buying and putting together –

Unfortunately I could not find a pink dress so I settled with a pink shirt and a pink skirt.

Next, I was surprised by the brown belt I found because it was perfect!

For the purple scarf and socks I bought a purple shirt.

I cut up the sleeves and bottom to put around my neck and ankles!

Last finishing touch was her name on her shirt. In the video, I was trying to be quick and I ended up taking a white piece of paper and writing her name to tape on the shirt. I encourage you to get fabric to sew or stitch the letters on her blouse. If I was actually going out, I would take five minutes to do the same!

And there you go! Bulma from Dragon Ball Z. Add a shoes, a wig, pouch, red bow and you are ready to go!


This was so much fun! Now I challenge you! Go to a thrift shop and take 10 minutes and $10 dollars to see what you can come up with. Please comment, share, and follow me on my social media for more content!

Thank you!