My Hero Academia Cosplay – Dabi

When I first saw Dabi, while watching My Hero Academia, I thought his look was so intriguing.  He is the leader of the Vanguard Action squad that joined the League of Villains. His personality is self-reliant and intelligent. Even though he is working with other villains, his main focus is his own goals. He does extremely well at controlling his quirk which is called Cremation. This quirk gives him the ability to create and maneuver blue fire with his hands.

  Dabi’s look is very rough. He wears torn up clothing and messy spiked hair. His battle wounds include burn scars around his eyes, jaws, neck, hands, and feet. To keep them up he staples his scars to his skin.

Because Halloween is coming up,  I thought he was the perfect character to cosplay.  Here it is, this week I recreated Dabi’s look! Check out my tutorial below!


Step by step tutorial:

Step #1: Use liquid latex and apply on areas of burn marks.

*Be careful when you’re applying around the eye and mouth area* This will create a sticky base for the next step.

#2: Add thin pieces of tissue paper to the areas with latex.

The paper will create a rough skin texture that looks like a burn scar.

#3: Reapply latex over the paper.

This will create a solid texture and foundation for step 4.

#4: Use paint and cover the areas.

Use a mix of red, purple, blue, and black face paint to get the best color.

#5: Add black eye shadow and liner.

Use these to blend the scars into the face, create dark circles, deepen the lid, line the eyes, and dot where the staples would be.

#6: Glue staples on with latex.

Bend staples and cut them to prepare them for the face. Make sure the edges are rounded or shaved down and apply. This is the most time consuming part. *Spoilers* Here is how mine came out!

(Thank you to my lovely model – he was such a great sport throughout this process)

#7: Wigs, contacts, outfit, action!

Add to your character! (I did not have the wig and contacts this time)


And there you have it! A easy DYI Dabi cosplay! Thank you for reading. Please comment like or follow me on social media. I will see you next week.