Top 5 Best Anime Shows That Will Get You Hooked Instantly

The best thing about cosplay is being able to be your favorite character and live in a fantasy world you know and love!

Cosplay is a whole different experience when you are passionate about the character, movie, or show. For example, imagine if you were going to a concert and your all time favorite musician/artist is performing. You’re singing all the words to the songs, dancing, and experience it with people who share the same passion. It can definitely be life changing! On the other side, you go and don’t know much. Don’t get me wrong, It will still be fun you can dance and meet new people. But, it’s not the same…


There are many ways you can cosplay and one big subsection is anime. Anime is Japanese animation that is only growing with popularity in the United States. I will elaborate more in another post (Soon to come). I have watched a lot of anime in my lifetime, in fact, I calculated my hours spent watching and it equaled out to be about 2 months worth (No, I am not proud of this!! Totally worth it. Hahah!). If you are new to the genre and looking to try it out, you have come to the right place!

Being the anime fanatic that I am, I am confident that I can create the best list of introductory anime shows that will get you hooked Instantly.


5. Death Note

Many people that don’t know much about anime think it is geared for children and that is a HUGE misconception. Many popular shows are extremely dark and Death Note is one of them. This is a great anime to start off watching not only because it’s quality but, there is only 2 seasons so you don’t have to dedicate a lot of time.

Death Note, created in 2006 with a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes, is the battle of the brains. If you enjoy plot twists and high stakes, this show is for you.  Each episode will hook you in after the other with its surprises and cliff hangers. Watch the main characters, Light and L battle is out while other people’s lives, including their own, are at risk.  One of the best things about this show is that you can relate to both sides of the coin!


4. My Hero Academia

Not ready for all that darkness? This anime is a “feel good” show that will get you pumped and inspired. My Hero Academia, created in 2016, is about a boy, “Izuku Midoriya” who lives in a world where people have unique powers. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t have any powers but, his main goal in life is to become the greatest hero to protect mankind. How will he manage that?

This series is very fast pace and will not leave you bored. It entertaining to witness all of the unique powers, grow with the characters, and experience the high quality animation. So far, there are only three seasons and I can say that the first season is a good representation of what the show is going to be like. If you watch the first season and you don’t like it, try watching the other shows on this list!


3. One Punch Man

With only two seasons out, it’s not too late! You can jump on board and join the club before the fun resumes. Every fan is waiting impatiently for the third season of, One Punch Man, created in 2015. Jam packed with comedy and action you will fall in love with this quirky show.

The main character, Saitama, a man who lives in a world with crime and crazy monsters, is having a midlife crisis. Why? He’s bored because he is too strong and can kill anything with just one punch. (Yes, I typed that out correctly). You might think this show is a little weird at first, but take it with a light heart and an open mind and you’ll get sucked in!


2. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood 

Are you hungry because this show is the full meal. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood, created in 2009, is the combination of all of the other shows on this list. This story is about two brothers on a journey of redemption after making the biggest mistake of their lives.

The theme of this show dips into all of the areas and emotions. Throughout it is sad, dramatic, philosophical, religious, creepy, funny, with a heavy emphasis on family and bonds. This action packed anime contains great content that adults and young adults with enjoy all around. Go on this spiritual journey with Ed and Al. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Attack on Titan

Last but not least, Attack on Titan, created in 2013. No one is safe! This is show geared towards adults with its gore and horror aspect. If you enjoy seriousness and thrillers this might be the perfect show for you. 

The main character Eren Yeager and two friends are fighting to survive against 50 feet tall monsters called titans, who love to viciously eat any person in sight. The only thing that will save mankind is if they figure out the unknown.. will it cost them their lives?


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