Venom Cosplay Tutorial

Hi everyone, welcome back! I know I have been heavily focused on anime during all of my time on this blog. BUT, I thought this week could be a nice change of scenery.

I will be showing you how I created a Venom half-face look. I was inspired after I saw the film in theaters and I fell in love with the look of Venom. Here is the picture that I tried to (recreate in my own way) 

Watch my tutorial on youtube:

I am the queen of improvisation. When It comes to my creative cosplay outlet,  I make sure to have fun. That meaning, I do least work as possible and spend the least amount of money. When learning how to make prosthetic there’s a lot of things you have make and buy which makes it very time consuming. So to avoid this I created the Venom mask my own way

Step by step on how to make the Venom mask:


Cut out a piece of tin foil to fit your face. This is the base of your mask.





Cut out the shape of the eye and mouth and use liquid latex to stick it on.




Paint the eye white and the mouth red with black.

Add the other tissue around the eye and mouth.




Paint it black.







Melt plastic molding pods in water to create the teeth. (It should only take about 30 seconds)

Once it is soft, clump it up in a ball with a utensil.

Test the temperature with your hand. If it is cooled down enough you can start molding.






Rip off pieces on your plastic ball and roll them into thin teeth.




Poke holes into the mask where the teeth are going to go.

Turn it around and use hot glue to stick it to the mask.



Use green, red, and white paint to add the finishing touches. and there you have it!

The end result: 

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did. Please like comment and let me know what you want to see next time or what I could have done differently. I will see you again next week. Bye!