If you can’t find the right costume for your cosplay or you’re running out of time to build something complex, there are other options for you! For this option you only need get one thing: Paint!


Paint is a great way to express and transform yourself into a work of  art. Cosplay with paint displays something simple, but can be impressive. Below I will be showing you some of my own creations and ideas for cool cosplay face paint looks.


Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul

Usually characters with masks or a lot of details on their faces are the best to recreate with paint.

You can achieve a Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul using only three colors of paint – red, black, and white. Blending these colors together with soft brushes, your fingers, or sponges can create a realistic looking mask.

When I went out with this look, many people did double-takes. Many of the comments were, “I thought that was a real mask”, “Wow, is that paint?” and “That looks so cool!”

Hisoka from HunterXHunter

This look is simple, but HunterXHunter fans will really appreciate it! Get some white, yellow, and red paint to put on your face. Add a red wig and a stick of gum to really get into character. Comment below if you understood the reference!

Female Titan from Attack on Titan 

The great thing about paint is you can be as creative as you want! Go for a split face if you want. This look was created with white, black, and red paint. Pull up a picture online for a reference.

The cool thing is there are so many different types of titans and each one is unique. You could completely improvise the look and create your own titan character!

Ichigo Kurosaki from Bleach

You cannot forget the classic Ichigo Kurosaki. This look will be recognized anywhere because it is so popular. Get some red and white paint to create his Hollow mask. Pop some yellow contacts in and you’re set!


Jack and Sally from A Nightmare Before Christmas

Paint is not just limited to your face. Paint your whole body! Layers are key to keeping the paint opaque or solid. I recommend buying tiny paint brushes for smaller details.

This Jack and Sally creation actually won in a costume contest. My friend and I were the only people to do an all paint costume. It goes to show that you don’t need fancy outfits or complex technique to make something amazing!


Disclaimer: Before you go wild with putting paint on your face, it’s important to look over the ingredients. Make sure it is non-toxic and gentle for your skin. You can perform a patch test on your skin to avoid any allergic reactions!


Thanks for reading my blog! I post once a week so stay tuned. Please leave a  comment to let me know if you have any other face paint ideas!