The power of makeup is the strongest it has ever been. You don’t need much to transform your face to look like an entirely different person! Here is a list of makeup tips and tricks you need to try when building your anime cosplay.

Check out my YouTube video to see me improvise a character of my own using some of these tricks!



When creating your character there are a lot of facial features you should consider.

1. Eyes –

Figure out your characters eye shape 

Is it round, square, or winged? When you are putting on your eyeliner, you’re basically drawing it like how you would on paper.

Draw your eye shape much bigger than your regular eyes

Add a space below the lower lash-line to fill in with white to recreate a bigger eye. Use the center to draw an extended pupil to blend the look.

Lashes make the world go round

Apply lashes on BOTH top and bottom of the eyeliner. This is a must! Cut the lashed to fit the look you are going for.

2. Eyebrows  –

Choose your expression

Get your look to the next level by shaping your eyebrows in a different way to express an emotion. You can do this by gluing your real eyebrows down and covering up with foundation. This will give you a clean base for you to draw your new eyebrows!

Color me impressed

Go ahead and fill in your brows with the different colors! Most anime characters have colorful hair and if your brows match your head, it will look realistic!

Face –


I like to add blush all over the middle of my face. I believe it shows warmth and cuteness (Or should I say kawaii?) Also, add freckles or lines over the blush to add another dimension.


Anime has been using symbols to show expression for the longest time. Adding these to your costume will bring a funny and familiar feel to your look! I love using these because not only do you look like the character, but you can act it too!



I would love it if you would send one of your costumes or ideas! Please comment, like, and share  to show your support. I am looking forward to seeing you next week!